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During my vacation, I hauled some old games and stuff to Gamestop and traded them in for Resident Evil 4.

Spoiler level: have just met up with Luis again in the House of a Bazillion Not-Zombies.

1. I have not yet been genuinely frightened by this game. Creeped out a bit, yes. Made to go “Eww!” a couple of times, yes. Scared, not in the least.

2. I do like me some Leon, though. And boy, he’s kind of catty, ain’t he?

3. Some of the random Spanish makes me snicker a bit. “Mierda!” Heh. …and of course, thanks to certain friends, “cogelo! cogelo!”

3a. For some reason, I was thinking “la campana” didn’t sound right; I was sure there was a “ñ” in there. I had to consult, of all things, my Loteria shower curtain. La Araña: ñ. La Campana: no ñ. Never mind, carry on.

4. The lake monster fight was pretty awesome.

5. Oh hey, I can kill and eat fish in the water.

6. Rifle + scope = ♥

7. Shooting blue medallions is fun. Do you get anything good for shooting all of them out, or just the special gun you get for ten of them?

8. Knocking ladders down while not-zombies are climbing on them is fun.

9. Shooting dynamite-throwers in the kneecaps and watching them blow themselves up is lots of fun!

10. Getting caught by chainsaw dude due to stupidity: not so fun. :(

11. Christ, tell me I don’t have to drag Ashley around for the rest of the game. Tell me the promised chopper will arrive, I can put her ass on it, and get on with my life.

12. I am ashamed to admit that El Gigante or whatever they called the huge critter killed me four times before I figured out that I had to climb up on its back and STAB the freaky alien symbiote thing. hur.

13. Speaking of the alien symbiote things, the first time one popped out of someone’s neck was a definite “EWW!” moment.

Originally published at Fanbrain Droppings. You can comment here or there.

Originally published at Fanbrain Droppings. You can comment here or there.

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