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Fuck you, Kripke.

Spoilers follow.

This episode was not even worth a list of bullet points. It had its high points–the obligatory “Carry On My Wayward Son” season finale montage, Dean and Ruby kicking the shit out of one another, Bobby being, as always, made entirely of awesome, and Lilith genuinely creeps my shit out, but evil children in general tend to do that. Emphasis on children.

So yeah, about that. Lilith still doing the little girl thing with Ruby’s grown-up meat jumpsuit was still fairly creepy, but what the fuck was that? Ruby just went “poof,” then? Would that be another hamfisted, sloppy removal of a fairly awesome female character who just happens to have a a bunch of loud, whiny fangirls baww’ing for her permanent exit from the show? Well, if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck… you know, I despise Jo, she’s worse than useless and could have gotten the boys killed in “No Exit” (not to mention the fact that in that episode she made Sam sort of not exist), but I’d almost be glad to see her come back JUST TO PISS THESE FUCKING FANGIRLS OFF.

Paging Ellen, Tamara, Missouri, and the Megdemon, you are desperately needed back on this show, plz hurry :(

And finally… HOLY FUCKING UNSATISFYING CLIFFHANGER, BATMAN. First of all–okay, man, that was just unnecessarily gross. And second–okay, now what, is this a setup for Sam actually marching into Hell and busting Dean out? And exactly how long are we going to have a Deanless show? Because yeah, there are diehard fans that will keep watching no matter what stupid shit Kripke pulls (yo), but the same shallow fangirls bitched at above are going to drop the show like a red hot hand grenade dipped in Ebola if it’s going to be sans Dean for most of the season, or even a significant part thereof. And being a Dean girl myself despite the whole hardheaded fan thing, that’s going to be pushing it for me.

…it probably doesn’t help that I have had a massive headache since like four this afternoon and I had one Excedrin when I really needed two. It’s a good thing Lost was made entirely of awesome tonight or I would be very unhappy.

[ETA: Yeah, um, fangirls who insist on referring to Bela and Ruby as “useless?” Did you just go “EW GIRL” and change the channel as soon as they showed up in their respective episodes? Because you obviously did not watch them.]

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