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There were parts of this episode I had to watch filtered through my fingers. EWW.

  1. Okay, let’s just get this out of the way right now: fuck all y’all, I loved Bela. I could go off about how fangirls whine about there being no strong female characters on this show and then when one shows up that a) gets a lot of screen time and b) is not a demon’s meat jumpsuit, they get a hateboner the size of Paraguay over her–but that’s another rant for another time. The point here is that I fucking loved Bela, sure, sometimes that was more like “loved to hate Bela,” but she was an awesome fucking character and that was a shitty, shitty, shitty way to kill her off. I would go so far to say that’s right up on par with Ash’s death as far as shittiness goes. Fuck you, Kripke. Just fuck you.
  2. *breathe* Anyway. Who’s seen Fullmetal Alchemist? Who didn’t keep mentally calling Dr. Immortal “Tucker” or thinking about Equivalent Exchange or homonculi or waiting for Dr. Immortal to hack up a glowing red rock? Yeah, right, put your hand down. It’s okay to admit it. Nobody will mock you. …much.
  3. I like Rufus. And the drunker he got, the more I liked him.
  4. I died laughing at Sam being amused about grossing Dean out, mostly because that is spot-on with my stupid personal fanon about Dean having Issues with gross things and food. “Baby, I can’t stay mad at you.” *NOM*
  5. Sam, hi, would you listen to what you’re suggesting here? Do you really think Dean would want to live like that? HAVE YOU THE IDIOT BALL THIS WEEK?
  6. …apparently, Sam does have the idiot ball this week. oy.
  7. The heart thing was just gross.
  8. And don’t even get me started on the eye thing. That part of “Nightmare” way back in S1 made me whimper. I could not watch the eye transplant bit in Minority Report. I cringe thinking about people in the Year Zero universe shooting Opal into their eyes. Anything that deals with sharp objects approaching eyeballs, I cannot deal with. LEAVE SAM’S EYEBALL ALONE, JESUS GOD D:
  9. Lilith holds the contract. WOW WHAT A SURPRISE. …okay, really, mostly I’m still just pissed off and bitter about the whole “O BTW BELA MADE A DEAL AND SHE’S GONNA DIE TONIGHT K?” thing. Yes, we knew Bela killed someone in her family thanks to the ghost ship thing, and sure, we figured there had to be a really good reason for stealing the Colt other than “it’s there,” but COME ON WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT. >:(

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