Jul. 21st, 2008

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By which I mean, yes, Roo Island did indeed win the Altador Cup this year. \o/

The prizes are… meh. I got two great plushies for my plushie collection, and a couple of wearable jerseys so my poor Skeith will no longer be naked seeing as how I stripped last year’s AC souvenir jersey off him and put it on my new Blumaroo. People who had nothing better to do with their lives but play Yooyuball could buy an actual Fire Yooyu Petpet.

As for me, I made Sim memorabilia:

winnars are us

The logo and group posters aren’t ready for download yet–I’m going to do all the teams, including the practice team, and release them as a big set. But the framed autographed Roo Island jersey is ready to go! (60K .zip, plz read enclosed readme.txt)

I may also make T-shirts and hats. And since Meridell (who I played for last year) also won their bracket, I might make something for them too.

ETA: By request, I made a basegame-compatible version of the Roo Island jersey. (336K .zip, no idea why it is so much huger but there you go)

And because some Krawk Islanders were good sports and asked nicely and all, I went ahead and made a Krawk Island jersey too:

KI Jersey

Just a basegame version on this one. 288K .zip.

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